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Get to know the creators...

Naughty Noir Show is an erotic variety show produced by Mistress Ginger and Puss N Boots, honoring all things sexy, fun and rock n' roll. Created in 2014 at the legendary Three of Cups as a late night, rock fueled, fantasy ride, the show has survived venue changes, Ginger moving around the country in a van, death of close friends and supporters and now a pandemic. Naughty Noir has always been a 2 woman run, all inclusive, small business, focused on providing a stage for artists to express themselves, their art, their minds and their bodies, uncensored.


Puss and Ginger are fully hands on, producing the show, booking the show, DJing the show, hosting the show and performing in the show as well as marketing, promo design, merch design and more. The duo even taught themselves iMovie and how to shoot video when the pandemic hit so they could take the show virtual, edit it all themselves and not miss a beat for 16 months. The virtual show called Hanky Panky, kept artists inspired and working, and also became a monthly safe haven for friends, fans and performers to gather, talk, laugh, cry and connect.

Naughty Noir Show has created numerous fundraisers over the years for personal friends, inspiring organizations and more, including The Cystic Fibrosis Foundation and the Pulse Nightclub shooting victims in Orlando, FL. They have raised thousands of dollars for organizations and people they believe in, and continue to work on spreading the love, as the show expands.

As of October 2021 they returned to live shows at the beautiful art inspired venue, Eris Evolution located in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Naughty Noir has become a seasonal show consisting of top name performers, live music, art, variety and circus acts, while sticking to their rock n' roll roots. They have created a community of music and burlesque fans alike, and given a home to the creative weirdos looking to belong to something that makes hem feel good.


Naughty Noir Show's mission is to create a safe space for artists to express themselves, their thoughts, their ideas, their passions and their emotions, while celebrating all things rock n’ roll, from the music to the clothes to the attitudes. Ginger and Puss want to use their platform to make the world a better place, through dance, art, love and expression.

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